Goodgame Empire

The Impervious

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The ranks in the alliance are:

Leader: The Leader has all the power in the alliance. They can kick out members, send out mass messages, change the alliance name, demote and promote members, and use Diplomacy.

General: The General is the Leader's second-in-command. They can send out  mass messages,  demote/promote members and seargants, and can engage in Diplomacy.

Seargant: The Seargant is the rank lower than a General, but higher than a Member. They can send out mass messages and kick out members.

Member: Last but not least, the Member is the last, and lowest, rank in an alliance. They have no special abilities in the alliance whatsoever.

Leader: ADMRL

Generals: Dustman, evets4, jkopy, Frappucino, amirite, jthibault, MichaelOH, teledo, MasterChiefUSN, Cloverbean, charx, rudyfish

Seargants: mendi123, Vladd, atig62, xcore, Duke Charles, SIRLORD_JD, White Fang, flamegamer6, WarrenkellerWar, twinkle toes, revenge, NewMeme, BolaFighter, BISCUITnGRAVY

Members: palidon, arishazeem, VICTOR44, NewJared12962, Bearskull, blackjack3

If you want to join The Impervious, fill out the form on APPLY HERE, or send a message to evets4 or one of the generals of the alliance.